Hameed Gul and Passion of Hameed Gul never dies

That was the 12th century when bound by the hateful movement , the alliance of the Europe was in a state of insanity in the invasion of the Muslim states and especially Jerusalem. The emperors of the whole of Europe, with their locust-hearted crusader armies, failed again and again.

The Supreme Sovereign always puts on the golden crowns on heads of the Conquerors. Yes, those heroes were the great sons of the Islamic world.

Western historians witness that in the face of its war strategies, all the glorious and majestic armies of the whole of Europe were left helpless against Muslim defence. It was a continuation of the defense system, invincible war strategy and the imitation of its passion and wisdom by the Muslim rulers to carry the green flag of Islam on Jerusalem for the next 691 years.

The history that gave birth to the deeds of Sultan Muhammad the Conqueror, Ghaznavi and Tipu was entering into its modern age. This time, another general, who was born from the womb of the mother of this history and chewed the anti-Islamic colonialism with an iron fist, is about to take over the world scene. And this is a crucial time in the last decade of the 20th century when the eyes of modern Russia are focused on the warm waters.

It was a gift from God Almighty that he got every promotion in his professional career before completing the required course. Surprisingly, he reached the pinnacle in a short period of time that he himself was a major, but the intelligence strategy he created was being taught to colonels and senior rank officers at the School of Military Intelligence.

He was the soldier of the land who, as a brigadier, rejected the military course of the world-renowned Royal War College of Britain, saying, “Who is this Englishman who teaches me about war and defence of homeland?” The understanding of the soil that comes from it runs in my blood”.

He was the man under whose command, when the Pakistan Armed Division launched a stormy advance from Multan to Kashmir, the Indian leadership, shaken by the horror of that dramatic advance, conducted the largest military exercise in its history, Brasstacks had to be canceled. He led the largest military exercise in history, Zarb-e-Momin. He never had security guards for his personal protection after his military service and retirement. As DG ISI he used to dress up his village in plain clothes without any security guard.

As a corps commander, he was a living example of the Sunnah of Prophet hood and Forgiveness. He forgave the murderer husband of his real daughter even though he was the DG of a powerful agency like ISI.

He was the only general of Pakistan who established a great tradition by presenting himself for open accountability in front of every forum instead of arguing and brand defense in response to fabricated allegations of enemies of the the nation.

He was the man who not only smashed the superpower of Russia, Rather, played an unforgettable historical role in the birth of many independent Islamic states in Central Asia from its infidel cradle.The established anti-Muslim world was broken by the siege. And the voices of Allah Akbar began to resound from the mosques of Russian colonialism which had been locked for centuries.

It is a matter of pride for the Pakistan that even after his retirement from the army, he became the world’s most dangerous general and the mastermind of successive defeat of the US-Western alliance in Afghanistan.

He was the man about whom many eminent Indian journalists also confessed that Hameed Gul proved to be a more deadly enemy after his retirement. In recognition of the intellectual and military prowess of this eminent general, the German government eventually sent a piece of the crumbling Berlin Wall with the inscription, “This piece is in the name of General Hamid Gul, who struck the first blow on the Berlin Wall”.

When Israeli planes in Indian robes were ready to attack Pakistan’s nuclear program from Indian soil, it was the same general who sent this “death message” to the Israeli leadership in a timely manner. That the Jewish leadership should be aware that in the event of any attack on Pakistan’s nuclear assets, Pakistan has the full potential to wipe out the whole of Israel in a matter of minutes. And then, immediately after that bold warning, the Israeli planes returned to their air bases.

This domineering man had the honor of being the youngest lieutenant general in the history of Pakistan. He had rejected the charge of heavy industry Taxila with the professional logic that “I have come to the army not to build tanks, but to run tanks, I am not a factory manager but a soldier”.

It would be ungrateful not to mention this great personal kindness to me. In 2015, I was forced to emigrate after assassination attempts and repeated brutal violence for exposing anti-military elements, drug and land mafias. I appealed to the institutions and media persons for protection in Pakistan for my eye surgery. But after the ruthless silence, that was only Hamid Gul, who provided me shelter, treatment and protection. But alas, it was during the stay with him , my kind man passed away.

And after this angelic attribute man who became a shadow of mercy for me, not only the poor people of the desert like me but also the poor of homeland became orphans, for whom he had built a model village and distributed fifty-five houses for free.

This generous general built an orphanage for orphan girls in Sargodha. I witness that after retirement he used to donate not only his entire pension but also 90% of his income. He paid out-of-pocket for hundreds of children’s fees, patient care and even the house rent of many poor people.

Even his worst opponents were jealous of this great man’s patriotism and struggle. He was the only lucky character in the history of Pakistan, whose funeral prayers did not include the flags of young and old political parties but only the green crescent flag of Pakistan. And was buried in the Pakistan Army cemetery right in front of the martyrs.

Fortunately, he was also given this great and unique place by nature that his funeral prayers were offered in absentia in more than forty countries, including the Prophet’s Mosque, the Kaaba, Gaza and the 22 districts of occupied Kashmir

Rich in innumerable military and universal abilities and full of love for Islam, he the winner of the Afghan war was not only a nightmare for the Russians, the Indians and the Western colonialists. He exposed not only Russia but also the modern crusader armies of the West and imperialism to such an extent that by chanting the slogan of “ready for defeat” in every place.

As for Hameed Gul and his passion, General Hameed Gul never retires, like Zangi and Ayyubi, Hameed Gul never dies.

Farooq Rashid Butt

Farooq Rashid Butt
Farooq Rashid Butthttps://writers.international
Chief Editor of Pakistan Defence Times and Voice of Pakistan, a defence analyst, patriotic blogger, poet and WordPress web master. The passionate flag holder of world peace


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