I will hug my blood in Kashmir and the destination is not far away

After the humiliation of Indian adventures in Ladakh, there are indications of new strategic formations in the region. It will definitely create diplomatic facilities for Pakistan. And it is strongly hoped that the issue of Kashmiri Muslims rights will now be re-emerged in the international arena.

Narendra Modi Regime

Since the formation of Modi government, India has been mired in internal turmoil. Due to Modi’s violent religious policies, not only Indian or Kashmiri Muslims but also other minorities are suffering from social and economic injustice and oppression. Today, the so-called secular India, mired in the Modi government’s religiously violent politics, is sounding alarm bells for global peace with its crazy adventures against neighbors.

Narendra Modi has tried to cover up India’s humiliation by saying that China has not occupied even an inch of India’s land. However, international press and satellite images confirm that the Chinese army occupies hundreds of square kilometers of Indian-occupied territory.

In the current situation, the armed forces of Pakistan are not only constantly monitoring their borders, but they are also taking a close look at the storm of criticism against the Modi government inside India.

The situation started when India threw the resolutions of international organizations in the trash and ended the special status of Kashmir and Ladakh in the Indian constitution. Against which strong voices are being raised in Pakistan and China at the public and governmental levels.

The move, contrary to the resolutions of international organizations, has been strongly opposed at the public and official levels in Pakistan. China has emerged as a party with a very strong reaction. Due to this, there has been constant tension between China and India in the Ladakh sector for many months.

It is the incomprehensible stubbornness of India to make Jammu and Kashmir its internal affair despite the resolutions of international bodies. But Pakistan and China are right to call it an internationally recognized issue. In this regards the world has heard the strong voice of Erdogan as well.

China India tensions

China is deeply concerned about India’s activities in the Indo-Pacific Alliance. China considers Indian activities in the region to be against its state interests. International observers know that the recent tensions are a clear indication of a new strategic alignment in which Pakistan’s role is very crucial.

On the world stage, the US and its new allies India, Australia, South Korea and Japan stand on one side. This new global alliance is creating obstacles in the way of all its interests in blocking China’s access to the Strait of Malacca. On the other hand, thanks to China, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan and other small countries in the region are coming closer, which are severely deprived of India’s double face politics.

China sees India’s hostility to peace, interference in the affairs of neighboring countries and patronage of anti-state elements as major obstacles to peace and economic development.

So it wants to end these threats at all costs. The only alternative route available to China in case of crisis can be CEPAC. Although Pak-China relations have always been very strong at every strategic level. But due to the recent tensions in Ladakh, the interests of the two countries now seem to be shifting into common interests. And in future, this relationship of iron brothers will be even warmer.

Pakistan is benefiting greatly from this situation . At the diplomatic level, Pakistan, along with Bhutan, Nepal and China, can isolate India in the region. If Narendra Modi persists in his stubbornness, the joint reaction of China and Pakistan could create serious problems for India in Kashmir.

World also knows that the change in the constitutional status of Kashmir is increasing frustration among the Kashmiri Muslims. Since Narendra Modi came to power, there has been a sharp rise in state repression of unarmed people. But unfortunately the Muslim world hasn’t raised voice against the Indian tyranny and state terrorism.

China, along with Pakistan, demands for the restoration of Kashmir special status in a strong manner. As defeated India is still on the back foot, the intensity of this strong demand from China and Pakistan will increase the pressure on India.

Some people think that India may launch an offensive move against Pakistan. But after the recent confrontation with China, India’s plans for a possible adventure against Pakistan will now be dealt a severe blow. In the current situation on the eastern border, India will never risk any war adventure against Pakistan.

India does not have the power to wage war on both borders. After the Ladakh power show of China, India will not have the courage to venture further. India knows that China and Pakistan are side by side . Therefore, the outcome of opening a bilateral front would be dire.

Forced by the habit of adventures against neighbors, India attempted an adventure within Ladakh. To which China bluntly replied that it was not occupied Kashmir. In the current situation, India may be scared that China and Pakistan may be making any joint plan against it. Therefore, Pakistan and China need to strengthen strategic and working relationship.

However, Pakistan’s a forces and intelligence are on full alert for the national security. The military leadership knows best how to protect its national interests in the face of serious tensions between India and China. The first priority of Pakistani policy at this time should be to restore the special status of Kashmir and to broaden the partnership process with China.

Strong partnership and more active working relations between two ironic brothers, Pakistan and China are a golden key to lasting peace in the region and independence of Kashmir.

And I have a strong belief in my heart that I will definitely meet my family in my hometown of district Anantnag in Kashmir. Indian Rafale jets, tanks or bullets will not stop me from embracing my blood relations and Kashmiri brothers. Kashmir is mine, Kashmir is Pakistan . . .

By : Farooq Rashid Butt

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