Pakistan is true flag holder or the world peace

Whether those been ancient crusades or the modern imperialist invasions, the aggressors and terrorists are not Muslims, they have always been crusaders or Indians and their non Muslim allies. In response to the propaganda of the Western and Hindutva media that not all Muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are Muslims in order to tarnish the image of Islam and prove only Muslims as terrorists. I have repeatedly shown the Crusaders and Hindutva a mirror of history. I want to tell these historical facts to Modi & Co who calls Muslims terrorists and my homeland the center of terrorism.

The history of the Crusades to the imperialist invasion and the bloodshed from Palestine and Kashmir to Afghanistan. Syria and Iraq bear witness to the fact that terrorism has always been the practice of the Crusaders, Jews and Hindutva, not of Muslims. Dominance and exploitation in the name of Christianity and Hindutva while Islam teaches peace, security and brotherhood.

In fact, the Islamic world has been fighting for centuries in self-defense against Christian and Hindutva aggressors and the brutal invaders of Genghis Khan.

Those involved in the Mumbai attacks, the Delhi blasts and the recent attacks in Kashmir are also aware that the tools of external forces that are carrying out open terrorism are in fact wolves in sheep’s clothing. Those who speak out against the religious classes should keep in mind the fact that many of the terrorists killed in Waziristan proved to be Hindus and Sikhs is proof that Indian RAW agents are involved in terrorism in the guise of Muslim fighters.

More than 30 Indian consulates on the Afghan border are active in promoting terrorism in Pakistan and instability in Balochistan. The same game that Narendra Modi is engaged in will turn the whole of India into a crematorium. The Modi government should remember that more than 90% of the world’s terrorists have been involved in non-Muslims.

In the 19th century, there was hardly any incident of terrorism in which a Muslim was involved. According to the West, the war of independence of 1857 was terrorism, then Hindus like Subhash Chandra Bosh and great freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh should also be declared terrorists.

Terrorism like the Indian War of Independence was continued by the Americans themselves for hundreds of years and then they got independence. It must be acknowledged that the wars of independence fought in the past, from North America to South Africa and now in Palestine and Kashmir are not terrorism but liberation and mercenary movements.

For the information of the readers, I am quoting a few incidents of terrorism from history in which not Muslims but all non-Muslims were involved. Take a look at the historical events that The Roman emperor Nero, who brutally massacred oppressed Christians at the state level in the early days of Christianity, was a non-Muslim ruler centuries before Islam.

The man who assassinated Sir Alexander II of Russia in 1881 was a member of the terrorist organization Agnes. Twelve workers and a policeman were killed in a bomb attack on a workers’ meeting in Chicago in 1886. No Muslims were involved.  On September 6, 1901, US President William was assassinated by a Christian. Similarly, the assassins of US President Kennedy and those who shot President Reagan were also non-Muslims.

On October 1, 1910, the office of the Los Angeles Times was attacked, killing 21 people. The culprits James and Joseph were not Muslims. On June 28, 1914, a Serbian Christian from Bosnia assassinated the Duke of Austria, and this incident became the immediate cause of the First World War and then millions of people fell victim to this war. No Muslim individual or state was involved in the massacre, but Western conspirators extinguished the lamp of the great Muslim caliphate forever. People died . On October 9, 1934, a non-Muslim gunman assassinated King Alexander of Yugoslavia.

The people who kidnapped the Japanese ambassador in 1969 were also not Muslims. The Brazilian ambassador was kidnapped and killed in 1969, but the killers were still non-Muslims. It may be recalled that this incident of terrorism was exactly like the RAW agents’ truck loaded with explosives hit the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad and the Pearl Continental Hotel in Peshawar. One hundred and sixty-six people were killed in this terrorist attack in Oklahoma.

In the eight years from 1941 to 1948, the notorious Jewish organization “Agnon” was involved in the 255 acts of terrorism perpetrated by supporters of the establishment of Israel. At the end of World War II, in August 1945, the first nuclear attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in history killed millions of unarmed civilians, and the Americans were not Muslims. On July 22, 1946, a terrorist attack on the King David Hotel killed 91 people.

Hitler and his allies who selectively killed millions of Jews in World War II were all Christians. From 1968 to 1982, the German “Butter Gang” killed thousands of people . Japan’s Buddhist army killed many people with gas at underground railway stations, affecting 5,000 passengers. Ireland’s guerrillas have kept Britain brick by brick for more than a century, with hundreds of explosions killing thousands. But no one, including Britain  called them terrorists.

In 2001, non-Muslim activists from the Irish Liberation Organization (IRA) bombed the BBC’s London office. The Lord of Salvation Army, a notorious Christian terrorist organization in Africa, carried out dozens of bloody incidents.

The incidents of terrorism in South West Asia also tell the same story.  Sri Lankan Tamil guerrillas carried out innumerable suicide attacks in Sri Lanka with the help of India’s notorious RAW agency, all these terrorists were not Muslims but were followers of Narendra Modi’s religion.  On June 5, 1984, the Indian government attacked the Golden Temple of the Sikhs and killed more than a hundred Sikhs, after which not only the Muslims but also the Sikhs themselves assassinated the assassin Indira Gandhi. The terrorists who have massacred millions of Muslims in Burma over the past few years and displaced millions are not Muslims but Buddhists, the messengers of peace.

Terrorist organizations like ATTF and National Liberation Front in north east India which have killed hundreds of Hindus are also Hindu or other non-Muslim organizations. The Alpha terrorist organization in Assam, which has carried out more than a thousand acts of terrorism since 1999, is also a Modi brand of Hindutva and often kills unarmed Muslims.  Pro-China Maoist guerrillas are fully active in 150 of India’s 600 districts. India has also recovered thousands of rockets from this non-Muslim communist organization.

Even the terrorist organizations which Manmohan Singh termed as the biggest threat to India are all non-Muslims. If the facts of the anti-Muslim incidents from the Ahmedabad settlements to the burning Samjhota Express are kept in view, then all the links of every massacre of every Muslim go back to Hindutva idols, Bal Thackeray and Narendra Modi or their foster organizations.

Who can forget that the tragic and tragic of the martyrdom of Babri Masjid was also a manifestation of the evil of Bal Thackeray and Narendra Modi Mafia. If Narendra Modi, the patron of Indian Colonel Purohit, convicted of burning Muslims alive in the Samjhota Express, flips through the pages of history, he too will have to accept the fact that terrorism, free from the shackles of any religion, is a bloodbath but it is overshadowed and will be overshadowed.

Terrorism has no religion or creed or ideology, so it can involve people from all walks of life and from all schools of thought. The fact is that the international community and the major powers are not the only ones who are committed to ending terrorism. Instead of recognizing the right of Kashmiris to self-determination, India will resort to violence and barbarism against the unarmed Kashmiris.

Narendra Modi should remember the horrible history of oppression and exploitation of humanity by non-Muslims before chanting about the great characters of history.

Narendra Modi should remember that the massacre of millions of people at the state level, regardless of international law, also falls under the category of brutality. Let me remind him from the pages of an other non-Muslim history that Stalin killed 1.5 million people in the Russian Revolution. Napoleon Bonaparte manon Muslissacred millions of people during the French Revolution.

Four lakh people were killed by Mussolini. Indian Ashoka fighters killed forty thousand Muslims in the name of Hindu udh. Millions of Muslims and other human beings have been and still are being brutally killed by Modi himself and other Indian rulers from Ahmedabad to Assam and from East Punjab to Kashmir. In the face of these living realities, Modi, the Indian mastermind who linked terrorism only to Muslims, peeked into his collar.

History will never remain silent on the political expediency under which our writers remain silent on the vultures of India, but yes, every proud Pakistani like me Farooq Darwaish, considering it his national duty, would challenge Modi and the Indian heroes. The zealous nation and brave forces of Pakistan are always ready to refresh the traditions of our forefathers.

For the hurricane invasion, the Ghauri and Ghaznavi are no longer on horseback, but on destructive nuclear missiles, weighing the whole of India from Calcutta to Madras and Mumbai to Delhi as crematoriums. Now the answer to peace will be peace and the bullets will be given with shells. We are the guardians of eternal endeavor and change for peace. We are zealot and vigorous Pakistani..


Secular Indians and anti-religion tyrants are the worst enemies of humanity and peace

Farooq Rashid Butt
Farooq Rashid Butt
Chief Editor of Pakistan Defence Times and Voice of Pakistan, a defence analyst, patriotic blogger, poet and WordPress web master. The passionate flag holder of world peace


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